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Name: Eric Oosterbaan
Date registered: 31/12/2012

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  1. Build SDR radio with DR2B from YU1LM — 14/04/2014
  2. Rotor AC Interface & managed by PC — 09/01/2014
  3. with RTL-SDR and LNA receive cubesats — 24/12/2013
  4. Receive CQ from ISS Space Centre — 31/10/2013
  5. RTL-SDR dongle and Raspberry Pi 512 Mb — 25/09/2013

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Apr 14

Build SDR radio with DR2B from YU1LM


In this post I will show the steps I had made to build the DR2B SDR receiver hardware from the OM YU1LM. The main reason to build / use this small part of hardware is to use it as an IF monitor for my FT-736 and FT-897d Transceiver(s). The fixed MF input from the FT …

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Jan 09

Rotor AC Interface & managed by PC

Prepare the box

The DIY rotor interface is ready. The rotor interface is connected to the PC via USB and will use the standard Yaesu GS232 protocol. You can move the antenna rotor by hand via the ‘joystick’ and via the software on the PC. In the download section you will find (asap) the complete building manual. Credits …

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Dec 24

with RTL-SDR and LNA receive cubesats


The last days I’am active with the modifications of the RTL-SDR dongle to receive the Cubesats. In short I had used the next mods; * 10 meter RG58 in coil arround the RTL-dongle to reduce noise and grounded to the USB. * removed the metal part on the USB connector. * added a ring-coil arround …

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Oct 31

Receive CQ from ISS Space Centre

Today I received the ISS ‘loud and clear’ – 59+ on the 145.800 Mhz. I have tried to make contact back, but the TX was active on the wrong frequency, it should be 145.200 Mhz. If you want to listen to it, click on the sound-link. Recorded CQ from ISS dd:311013 (wav-file)

Sep 25

RTL-SDR dongle and Raspberry Pi 512 Mb

SDR software, main screen

Today finished the soft- and hardware solution with the RTL-SDR and RPi. The main idea is to use the low-cost ($25) RTL-SDR dongle on the RPi and connect the RPi with a portable computer, with the SDR-client software on it. The test antenna is the 3-element HB9CV antenna only for 144-146 Mhz. This means that …

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Jun 10

Raspberry PI as ATV testscreen modulator

Test screen oldway 2

Today made active the Raspberry PI as an ATV testscreen ‘modulator’. The designer of this solution you can find at the website of PA3BWE. In this log, I will show the mods, and the short (new) installation options. * Get the ‘atv3.py’ from the website of PA3BWE * Place this file in the folder you …

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May 31

Building the Taurus case

Photo 30-05-13 18 30 09

In the next pictures you can see the result of the new Taurus case. You can find the case at ‘Otto schubert GMBH‘ (click on the name), and use the Art. Nr. 228. On the same shop you will find adds to make the box complete. First I started with the front, this is made …

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