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On this page you will find more technical information about ‘easy to receive’ cubesats (Funcube, Triton ed.) and a ‘special’ one Wren-PocketQube

These cubesats will give the ‘sat-track beginner’ nice information to begin with – latest update 11-03-14

Name Cubesat Picture More technical information Telemetry information & Frequency
Funcube Funcube Web: Funcube

The cubesat made by Amsat-uk

TLE information Funcube has been identified as
object 2013-066AE in Spacetrack database.

See the results: DataWareHouse 

LTM downlink 145.935 MHz BPSK

Uplink 435.150 – 435.130 MHz LSB
Downlink 145.950 – 145.970 MHz USB

Delfi-n3Xt Delfi-N3xt Web: Delfispace

The cubesat made by University Delft

TLE Information: Delfi-n3Xt has been identified
as object 2013-066N in Spacetrack database

See the statistics at: Statistics

145.870 MHz
(March 14) At this moment transponder down :(
Triton Triton ISIS Web: ISIS Space HamRadio

The cubesat made by Isis Netherlands

TLE Information Triton has been identified as
object 2013-???? in Spacetrack database 

BPSK 145.822 MHz

Nominal mode beacon (AX.25 UI frames)
Nominal data rate: 1200 bps
Enoding: NRZI
Beacon interval: 10 seconds

ZaCube-1 ZaCube-1 Web: F’Sati

TLE Information: ZaCube-1 has been identified
as object 2013-066B in Spacetrack database

Tracking information AX.25 1200bps AFSK
9600 bps GMSK, 437.345 MHz
Litsat-1 Litsat-1 Web: Lithuanian Space Mission Beacon/TLM downlink: 145.845 Mhz

Lineair transponder, inverting type
Uplink: 435.150 Mhz LSB
Downlink: 145.950 Mhz USB

Wren Web: http://amsat-uk.org/tag/wren/

TLE Information (dd: 01122013):

1 99922u 13066G 13326.48861818 -.00000055 00000-0 00000+0 0 75
2 99922 97.8066 39.1177 0023760 211.9046 148.0730 14.86334042 151

437.405 MHz

Transmit amateur radio Slow Scan TV (SSTV)
pictures using the Martin-1 format

The TLE information you can use to start tracking in one of the sat-tracking apps (see the online poll).