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May 31

Building the Taurus case

In the next pictures you can see the result of the new Taurus case.
You can find the case at ‘Otto schubert GMBH‘ (click on the name), and use the Art. Nr. 228.
On the same shop you will find adds to make the box complete.
First I started with the front, this is made from pbx-board (copper on both side’s).
Next I started to make the bridge for the potmeters (picture soon).

For the results see the pictures .. soon I will place the design with the figures to use.

Meantime case update

Photo 30-05-13 18 30 09

Photo 30-05-13 18 29 48

Feb 27

Motorola GM950 small RS232 Interface

Today I have finished the small RS232 interface to manage the Motorola GM950 UHF/VHF transceiver.
This small interface will cost you about 10 Euro, and will give you much fun !
I had made the PCB layout on the test board, the design is so small that you can easy do this (see picture).

The yellow line’s on the back of the PCB, will show the line cuts needed to place the parts right on the board.
In the green circle you see the small modification on pin 9 and 8 of the 9 PINS RS232 connector.
in the schema you can see that the use of a 9 Volt battery will be oke, but when you make a stable 5 Volt on the PCB the communication will go to be stable to connect to the transceiver.

Back of PCB Motorola

The software you can get from the website in the UK (see ‘Ham links’)

The original design is made by IK5BZH, so that OM must have the credits to find out this small interface !

I have learned that it will be best worked with short RS232 cables and full wired, no crossing cables or what else.
For the connection to the RJ45 (Microphone) connector you have to pay attention, this is 180 degrees rotated – PIN 8 is on the left of the RJ45 !!

Both GM950 ( UHF and VHF) transceivers can be handled with this interface, the best software to use is version r2.00.00.

Motorola PCB 2Motorola PCBSchema RS232 interface Motorola







If you double click on the pictures you can see more !

Feb 14

Repaired new bulb in FC-757AT

Today I have ‘repaired’ the small bulb lamps in the FC-757AT of Yaesu.
But the result is a little bad.
The bulb’s should be ready for about 12 V, but the bridness is not good!
If you have the correct bulb’s for the FC-757AT, please contact me !

On the pictures you can see the result, while opening the cover.

Bulb for the FC-757ATThe broken one's







The broken one’s



The replaced bulb will fit in the blue tube (on top of the picture)

Jan 16

LED bar S-meter

The small project, LED bar S-meter, is active.

I found the schema at the website from F6BQU.

The schema is very easy and the result is nice (see the pictures) I’ve used to test the LED bar with the signal generator (function generator).

The next I have to connect the LED bar S-meter on the receiver part of the Taurus 20 or Bitx 20.
See the next pictures.

LED Bar S-meter LED bar S-meterSchema LED-bar

Dec 26

Taurus receiver board is ready for test

Today the receiver is ready in his first stage. So far known the mods are used and the first QSO is recorded (see *.mov). The next step is de finetuning to hear the stations more easy, have to check the filters and potmeters!

Taurus receiver ready for test

Dec 12

Rotor management extra info by PE1ANS

The rotor soft- and hardware you can find on this site is in the development fase.
PE1ANS (OM Jan) had picked up the mean time stage of the development fase with his own few on the software.
I nice small movie will show an error in the source code, when you push the button to 0 degrees the relais stage will be active!

The next blog of this item we will hopefully give the right solution for this problem!

movieThe small (*.avi) movie is made in visuele simulator PROTEUS ISIS.
More pictures and a nice small movie of the end product will coming soon !



Dec 10

Start with building the Taurus transceiver

“Started with the building of the Taurus TX, 3.5 Watt qrp SSB transceiver”

The transceiver is design on two PCB’s and designed by SP5DDJ (see links page).
The PCB’s can used for 20,40 and 80 meter homemade TX.
A few parts you have to change to change the basic Ham-frequency.

In polish you can find an easy manual with the basic steps and also a checklist for the needed parts. When follow the ‘installation’ manual you will get a nice small QRP transceiver.

Their are a few mods for the basic-PCB .. when finished the building I will place them in the download section. In the meantime you can see a few
at – http://pa-11019.blogspot.nl - the hamsite of PD7MAA.

Started RX print

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