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Track your own satelites

On the website: you get select one of the prefered satelites and recieve 30 or 60 minutes before an email in your mailbox to prepare on time your computer and rig for the satelite you want to follow. This free service is updated regular with new features. Try it yourself and send us your …

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Blog posts transfered to blogspot

For new blogs about new development and hamradio technic you can find on the pages of PA2EON. Check the menu option in top of this page.

Linux client setup for Hamnet

To connect to the Hamnet network you have to use a computer who will be in the same network as the Hamnet subnets active in. In the Netherlands we use the network address range 44.137.x.x/16. But most of us will use the PC for more then only Hamnet. In that case you can use a …

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Raspberry PI as ATV testscreen modulator

Test screen oldway 2

Today I updated the Raspberry PI as an ATV testscreen ‘modulator’. The designer of this solution you can find at the website of PA3BWE. In this log, I will show the mods, and the short (new) installation options. [important]Start with the install of the latest Raspberry OS ( you can find on In this …

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CAT & Audio interface for FT-897

In box CAT

On the internet you will find a lot of schemas for CAT & Audio interfaces. In this post you can see the result of the interface on a standard euro PCB board. With the ‘diylc’ software I had made a PCB design to reproduce the schema. The nice alu-case (part number: ADG-D105.30.160) and the audio …

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Build SDR radio with DR2B from YU1LM

In this post I will show the steps I had made to build the DR2B SDR receiver hardware from the OM YU1LM. The main reason to build / use this small part of hardware is to use it as an IF monitor for my FT-736 and FT-897d Transceiver(s). The fixed MF input from the FT …

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Rotor AC Interface & managed by PC

Prepare the box

The DIY rotor interface is ready. The rotor interface is connected to the PC via USB and will use the standard Yaesu GS232 protocol. You can move the antenna rotor by hand via the ‘joystick’ and via the software on the PC. In the download section you will find (asap) the complete building manual. Credits …

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