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All kind of information about the QRP transceiver Bitx 20 homebrew

LED bar S-meter

LED bar S-meter

The small project, LED bar S-meter, is active. I found the schema at the website from F6BQU. The schema is very easy and the result is nice (see the pictures) I’ve used to test the LED bar with the signal generator (function generator). The next I have to connect the LED bar S-meter on the …

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RF Amplifier Bitx 20 ready !

RF Amplifier

Second part of the Bitx20 is ready, the RF-amplifier .. and tested. Also the third part, VFO is finished about 90 % On the next pictures you can see the results .. in de download section you will find the latest new (dutch) written so far. In the VFO, I have changed a little the C’s for ceramic one’s (in …

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Bandpass filter Bitx 20 is ready !

Step 1 Bitx 20 ready

First part of the Bitx20 PCB is ready, the Band Pass Filter’. The use of the ‘ polysterene’  capacitors is a little weird, the final test we give the answer after the finished ‘Rf-amplifier’. So far nothing special and started with part2. See the latest changes in de download section of this site.    

Start with the Bitx 20 meter transceiver

Received parcel

Started with the building of the Bitx20 Tranceiver. First with the ‘Band Pass Filter’ the L1,L2 and L3 are fixed well .. The next picture will give the finished part of the PCB. The capacitors I’ve changed a little bit for higher quality. The 33 pF cap. is changed for the 39 pF ! In the download section …

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