November 2012 archive

Rotor management hardware update

Rotor house

In the time we are building on the PCB with the electronics (for PIC controler) I had to bring the old hardware inside a new box. Also the rotation of the Antenna rotor I have to do by hand. But safety first .. the old hardware is build together in a plastic ‘box’ with on …

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Found many RF interference from Linksys hardware!

“Today I found the source of a large RF noise on 20 and 40 meter band!” On the next frequencies (14.151, 14.215, 14.274, 14.333, 14.396 and 7.098, 7080, 7.035 and 21.113, 21.172, 21.297) i heard a large spike signal. A signal with an ‘step over frequency’  (harmonic) of 60 kHz. The signal was so strong …

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