New antenna active ZS6BKW multiband dipole!

“New wired multiband antenna is active, here you see how I build this nice antenne’

This great wired dipole (26 m.)will give you a lot of plessure on the HF-bands.
On the 20 and 40 meter band you don’t need an antenna-tuner, the SWR is nearly 1:1.1 (40 m) and 1:1.3 (20 m) ..
I have to make more tests to make the SWR great on 20 meter.

From the webpgae of OM PA1GF you can see the right values of the wires.
I made the option with 450 Ohm ‘ladderline’ and the RG213 coax cable direct to the
tranceiver. On pic.a you can see how I made the connection from the ‘ladderline’ to the wires. The ‘ladderline’ and the wires are twisted ‘litze wire’ , don’t use massive cable or line !

The next foto (pic b.) is the picture from the plastic tube (40 mm) with to blind ends.
In centre you make a hole as big as the PL-chassis, the other end you make a small notch who is used for the twinlead cable.

The last foto will give you the view how the cable is active at outside.

Wire lint cable Connection tube  In action