RTL-SDR dongle and Raspberry Pi 512 Mb

Today finished the soft- and hardware solution with the RTL-SDR and RPi.
The main idea is to use the low-cost ($25) RTL-SDR dongle on the RPi and connect the RPi with a portable computer, with the SDR-client software on it.
The test antenna is the 3-element HB9CV antenna only for 144-146 Mhz.
This means that for ‘satcomm’ we can only follow the 2m oriented sats.
The RPi is the 512 Mb internal memory ‘hardware’, this should be fast enough to handle the RTL_TCP server software.
In the download section you can find the (english / dutch) manual to install the correct software on the RPi and the PC with minimum OS, Windows XP.
The pictures will show the first tests and the basic hardware.

SDR software, main screenServer (CLI) screen on Raspberry - connected to the SDR client