with RTL-SDR and LNA receive cubesats

The last days I’am active with the modifications of the RTL-SDR dongle to receive the Cubesats.
In short I had used the next mods (1st test fase);

* 10 meter RG58 in coil arround the RTL-dongle to reduce noise and grounded to the USB.
* removed the metal part on the USB connector.
* added a ring-coil arround the small cable to reduce noise.
* added the LNA from lna4all (ln4all.blogspot.nl)

I’ve tested a few SDR applications, but the best results I getwas with the SDR-Console v2.1 beta software and for the RTL dongle the Ezcap USB 2.0 driver. The OS is Windows XP (now Windows 7 Pro) and running on a portable/fixed computer.
The next days I will bring the SDR-dongle together with the LNA in a metal box, to reduce more unwanted noise (shown on the last photo).

The picture(s) below will give you a nice view how I made it together.
If you need more technical information, pse send me a request (see contact page).
ASAP I will make more information available with weblinks,(sound) files and screendumps.

(pic 1. The mods)     (pic 2. Delfi-n3xt)      (Pic 3. SDR mod RF closed box)