Build SDR radio with DR2B from YU1LM

In this post I will show the steps I had made to build the DR2B SDR receiver hardware from the OM YU1LM.
The main reason to build / use this small part of hardware is to use it as an IF monitor for my FT-736 and FT-897d Transceiver(s). The fixed MF input from the FT Transceivers will give 15 Khz and xx kHz bandwidth to help decoding the Cubesats in the 2m and 70 cm frequencies.

Here you can see the results first in a few steps.
When you follow this blog, the next days you can read and download the schema in the download section.
In the bottom of this article I will give the links I used to build the hardware together.










The Local Oscillator I used is the design from with the Silicon Labs Chip SI570 to handle the correct frequency via the USB port of the computer.
The wooden base is a ‘new’ idea to test the design and make the correct connections to show how an SDR receiver can work.
The first tests with the SDR software and a good (stereo) microphone input in the computer are great! Now I will start to make the IF connection in the FT-736 Transceiver, that MOD will shown in a next post.

To use the SDR radio check the website of m0kgk