RF Amplifier Bitx 20 ready !

Second part of the Bitx20 is ready, the RF-amplifier .. and tested.
Also the third part, VFO is finished about 90 %
On the next pictures you can see the results .. in de download section you will find
the latest new (dutch) written so far.

In the VFO, I have changed a little the C’s for ceramic one’s (in the kit their are polysterene one’s) because they fit better on the PCB.

RF Amplifier        VFO
.: RF-Amplifier                                      .: VFO – first stage

In the VFO section the 36 V zener is replaced by a 33 V (no why ?) .. and I have to find out if a VFO test in this stage of the build is OK or not.

Coming next .. the VFO on test!