Start with building the Taurus transceiver

“Started with the building of the Taurus TX, 3.5 Watt qrp SSB transceiver”

The transceiver is design on two PCB’s and designed by SP5DDJ (see links page).
The PCB’s can used for 20,40 and 80 meter homemade TX.
A few parts you have to change to change the basic Ham-frequency.

In polish you can find an easy manual with the basic steps and also a checklist for the needed parts. When follow the ‘installation’ manual you will get a nice small QRP transceiver.

Their are a few mods for the basic-PCB .. when finished the building I will place them in the download section. In the meantime you can see a few
at – – the hamsite of PD7MAA.

Started RX print