New rotor management with PIC-controler

“Start to build a new management system with PIC-controler for the Antenna-rotor”

The next pictures will give the few of the development of the antenna-rotor interface
with a PIC 16F84 controler. The development is started on a breadboard to find the
correct parts and programming of the PIC controler.
I have started with the most easy program ‘Hello World’
The next step was the basis program and he 3rd stage was the connection to a small relais to stear the antenna rotor.

1st stage  2nd stage  3 th stage
.: First test                                          .: Text on LCD                                .:  Rotor text on screen

The next schema will give you the information where we had start with.
In the next weeks we have to test the combination of the hard- and software.
To show the full page of the schema, click twice on the picture !

Rotor_clockOn the schema you see the X-tal with a value of 10 Mhz, with any other value you have to change the timer (time) in the PICBasic routine.

See the download section for the latest *.zip file !





.: First stage rotor schema