Ham Links

Ham-site’s from the Netherlands (in dutch [D] / english [E] language), most of them are active with homebrew.

PD7MAA – [D] nice Taurus 20m tranceiver (see pictures on his site)    hamradio

PA1SBM – [E] The bitx20 with pictures and tips.

PE1GOO – [D] The bitx20 and bitx17 made by OM

PA2RF    – [D] More technical tips for bitx20 and bitx17

PI4RAZ  – [D]  Lineair 10 W – kit for bitx TX

PA1GF   – [D]  Multiband antenna ZS6BKW

* Benelux QRP club – [D] Making and using low power TX/RX

Dutch sites (in English [E] / Dutch [D]) who where active with satellite communication

* PE0SAT – [E] Information about Amateur Radio – Satellite experiments

* PA3GUO – [E] Home made and sat tracking – DIY

* JE9PEL – [E] A lot off decoded sat information

Other countries (in English [E] / Polish [P] language)

SP6IFN   – [P] nice hamradio site, with more information about Taurus

PILGRIM – [P] a lot of photos with 20-40-80m Taurus Homemade TX

* DU1GM  – [E] make you own multi interface PSK,Packet etc.

* G0HWC – [E] interfaces for SSTV and many good SSTV applications and tools, MIY

* Arkansas – [E] ham club with nice links for soft- and hardware, MIY

Hard- and Software information needed ..

* Batlabs – [E] all information about Motorola
* UV5R    – [E] How install USB drivers for Baofeng UV5R porto

For our hard- en software we need companies who deliver parts and knowledge!

* SysCoData          –  [D] Networking and engineering for SMB and medical market.
* Haje electronics –  [D] Components and homemade projects