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Start with building the Taurus transceiver

Started RX print

“Started with the building of the Taurus TX, 3.5 Watt qrp SSB transceiver” The transceiver is design on two PCB’s and designed by SP5DDJ (see links page). The PCB’s can used for 20,40 and 80 meter homemade TX. A few parts you have to change to change the basic Ham-frequency. In polish you can find …

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Rotor management hardware update

Rotor house

In the time we are building on the PCB with the electronics (for PIC controler) I had to bring the old hardware inside a new box. Also the rotation of the Antenna rotor I have to do by hand. But safety first .. the old hardware is build together in a plastic ‘box’ with on …

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Found many RF interference from Linksys hardware!

“Today I found the source of a large RF noise on 20 and 40 meter band!” On the next frequencies (14.151, 14.215, 14.274, 14.333, 14.396 and 7.098, 7080, 7.035 and 21.113, 21.172, 21.297) i heard a large spike signal. A signal with an ‘step over frequency’  (harmonic) of 60 kHz. The signal was so strong …

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New antenna active ZS6BKW multiband dipole!

Wire lint cable

“New wired multiband antenna is active, here you see how I build this nice antenne’ This great wired dipole (26 m.)will give you a lot of plessure on the HF-bands. On the 20 and 40 meter band you don’t need an antenna-tuner, the SWR is nearly 1:1.1 (40 m) and 1:1.3 (20 m) .. I …

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New rotor management with PIC-controler

1st stage

“Start to build a new management system with PIC-controler for the Antenna-rotor” The next pictures will give the few of the development of the antenna-rotor interface with a PIC 16F84 controler. The development is started on a breadboard to find the correct parts and programming of the PIC controler. I have started with the most easy …

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RF Amplifier Bitx 20 ready !

RF Amplifier

Second part of the Bitx20 is ready, the RF-amplifier .. and tested. Also the third part, VFO is finished about 90 % On the next pictures you can see the results .. in de download section you will find the latest new (dutch) written so far. In the VFO, I have changed a little the C’s for ceramic one’s (in …

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Bandpass filter Bitx 20 is ready !

Step 1 Bitx 20 ready

First part of the Bitx20 PCB is ready, the Band Pass Filter’. The use of the ‘ polysterene’  capacitors is a little weird, the final test we give the answer after the finished ‘Rf-amplifier’. So far nothing special and started with part2. See the latest changes in de download section of this site.